Banking on a Good Relationship – Improve Your Relationship with Your Partner

In my practice, the most often asked question is “How can I improve my relationship with my partner?”

The simple answer is to think of a relationship like you would your money. You know that you need to be careful with your money, and not spend what you don’t have. You need to plan wisely […]

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Evil Step Parenting

Of all the difficult jobs in the world, step parenting must rank right at the top. Most family counselors feel like any second marriage that includes children should automatically be entitle to counseling to help with the transition to new step parents.

In the olden days, step parenting was very common. Mostly it was a […]

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I was thinking about resolutions (who isn’t this month,) and I realized that resolution equals the act of re-solving something. In other words, resolution is the idea of solving something a different way. You keep trying to lose weight. Maybe you are determined to finally stop swearing. Or maybe you are […]

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