Fall could actually be a better symbol of rebirth than spring. As we see differently colored leaves falling down we can begin to think about what we need to drop away from our lives. Leaves are also things that are leaving you. What old habits, old ideas, and old patterns can we let go of? What can we alter that could allow for future growth? Without this, change can never happen. We will be in a groundhog day of stagnation.

It’s true that the tree will be bare for a while. When we change, we can expect some empty feeling as new growth emerges. Most of us understand that fall and winter must happen to allow for the explosion of growth come spring. Trees don’t worry about whether they will be budding in the spring. They just accept this passage as necessary to life. So in the confusion and doldrums of changing something, remember to be like a tree. Stand tall and know that you are ok. Whatever falls away is just making room for something better!

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Gina Crozier, the director of Sonoma Family Counseling has been working with families and children for over thirty years. Her style of counseling is positive, solution-focused with the idea that within everyone there is the ability to solve their problems.