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Sonoma Family Counseling is solution-focused.

To help you get ready for your best life.

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We have experienced staff to assist you with problems that may occur in multiple areas of your life.


We support our clients of all ages with individual sessions that are coping with depression or anxiety that may need assistance to learn more successful ways to cope on a daily basis.Learn More
We support, educate, and coach parents to successfully navigate through various stages of child and teen development.Learn More
With many years of school counseling experience, our counselors are experienced working collaboratively with families, children and staff at all levels of schooling to help students achieve a more positive school experience, both socially and academically.Learn More
Couples often find relationship stressors that can be positively addressed to create a more loving environment in their homes.Learn More

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What Client’s Say

After years of trying to express myself, I finally felt heard and understood by my therapist.
My husband and I feel like we are communicating better now than we ever did before.
I learned that often my child’s behavior had a lot to do with how I was feeling.
I can finally understand my elderly parent and supportive them now in a more meaningful way.