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Speaking Your Child’s Love Language

Do you ever wonder why you seem to have a better understanding with some children and not others? With one child, you can see they feel loved and supported, and you then feel like […]

Caring for Yourself as You Care for Others

Caring for another person is the single most satisfying, demanding, frustrating, and exhausting thing you can ever do. Whether it is a small child, a teenager, a person that is physically or emotionally challenged, […]

Banking on a Good Relationship – Improve Your Relationship with Your Partner

In my practice, the most often asked question is “How can I improve my relationship with my partner?”

The simple answer is to think of a relationship like you would your money. You know that […]

Why Does My Four Year Old Keep Having Temper Tantrums

When working with a group of parents recently, the question was asked, “why does my four year old keep having temper tantrums?”

I asked the parent to talk about the last time this happened. She […]

Hurt People…Hurt People

Ok, this is a statement that you have to think about for a while. What I mean is that when someone is hurting you, remember this, if they felt good about themselves and […]

Evil Step Parenting

Of all the difficult jobs in the world, step parenting must rank right at the top. Most family counselors feel like any second marriage that includes children should automatically be entitle to counseling to […]